Stores & Markets in Varadero

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Most of the stores in Varadero are located on the eastern part of the peninsula, along the main street (Avenida 1er). There you will find a series of small supermarkets, where you can get the main groceries. In Varadero are also two larger shopping centers. As in the rest of Cuba, the choice of goods is very limited (supply situation).

Plaza America Varadero

Plaza America: the largest shopping center

The supermarkets do not offer fresh fruits or vegetables. Since there is no farmer's market in Varadero either, fresh groceries are hard to come by.

Souvenirs can be purchased at various larger souvenir markets. Like supermarkets, souvenir markets are distributed along the main street. Both the range of goods and prices are almost identical on all markets. The offered souvenirs are not imported from Asia, but handmade in Cuba.

The most common products sold at the markets are hats, handicrafts, jewelry, prints, and paintings with the colorful motifs typical of Cuba. The prices are slightly higher as in other regions of Cuba, but still moderate. A braided sun hat costs about 5 to 10 USD.  Extensive bargaining is not necessarily part of Cuban culture, but prices can often be negotiated somewhat.

Stores & Shopping Centers in Varadero

  • In the central part of Varadero you will find the quite large Centro Comercial Hicacos. On the area there is, a bank with ATMs, a supermarket and some other stores.
  • In the middle of the eastern hotel zone of Varadero is the Plaza América shopping center located. In the mall there are a supermarket and various small stores with the typical limited selection and the quite high prices of Cuba. In the complex there is also bank where money can be withdrawn or exchanged. If you leave the area on the back side, you will reach a beautiful beach.
  • The Casa del Habano offers a wide range of Cuban cigars. Visitors inform themselves and get an overview of the products. On the upper floor there is a bar and a small café. Those who want to buy products should make sure that the prices are right. As in the rest of the country, employees try to sell at a higher price to earn some extra money. As a further precaution, one should always ask for an official receipt, which may also be needed at customs checks when leaving the island.
  • In the Casa del Ron you can choose from a wide range of Cuban rums. The rums can be tested and, of course, also purchased. Also in the Casa del Ron one should always be careful that the prices are correct.

Souvenir Markets in Varadero

  • Mercado de Artesanato
  • Plaza de Artesanos I
  • Plaza de Artesanos II & III

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