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Updated: Dec 19, 2022

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Actual prices & costs in Cuba

Insidertipps Cuba

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Since the Cuba's private sector opening, the price level has fallen somewhat. In comparison to other holiday regions, the island is still not a particularly cheap travel destination.

How much the holiday in Cuba costs in the end, depends on the individual program and requirements. Nevertheless, undemanding backpackers can make it through the day with around 40 to 50 US dollars. The average foreign visitor will spend around $ 80 to $ 120 per vacation day and demanding vacationers should expect to spend significantly more. This article informs about the costs, so you can calculate your vacation budget.

The following information takes into account two travelers and needs to be understood per head. Here we include the average cost of accommodation, transport and food.


Costs for accommodation, transport, food & activities

The costs for vacations in Cuba essentially includes four categories: costs for accommodation, transport, food and activities.

The private accommodation costs start at around US $ 10 per person per night. On the other hand, hotels are much more expensive. A double room in a reasonable hotel of an international chain can be purchased from 100 USD per night.

Transportation by the comfortable long-distance buses (Viazul) costs about US$10 per 100 km. A typical round trip in western and central Cuba adds up to around 100 US dollars in travel costs. Taxi rides are faster and more comfortable, but also more expensive. If you want to travel all the way to the east of the island or are planning a domestic flight, then you must expect higher costs. In addition, for the short distance cabs or costs for local transport. In case of rental cars, they cost an average of around $ 100 per day.

When eating out in Cuba away from the tourist destinations, it is often difficult to find a decent restaurant. Likewise, the supply situation in supermarkets is often complicated.
The prices for restaurants and snack bars are very different. If you follow the very simple Cuban standard, then you can get through the day quite cheap. In restaurants with a slightly higher quality, you have to calculate with at least 5 US dollars per dish. In the better restaurants in the tourist spots, you can eat for around 10 to 20 US dollars.
Entrance fees to museums are usually in the range of US $ 2-5. But major theater performances, dance shows, or tourist activities are a bit more expensive at around $ 10 to $ 30.

In summary, one can say that two backpackers could calculate with an average of 80 to 100 US dollars per vacation day. According to the experience, two regular vacationers who neither turn over every peso twice nor have high demands will make it through the day with 150 to 200 US dollars. If you plan on luxury hotels, taxi rides, chic restaurants and many activities (catamaran trips, diving, dolphin swimming, etc.) then it will be more expensive.

Overview of prices in Cuba

The estimated costs are itemized in the next overview. In the following table, the prices (US dollars) are made according to claims per person (with two travelers).

If you are traveling alone, you can calculate with a surcharge of around 30 - 50%.

(simple Casa)
15 to 25
(decent Casa)
from 60
(upscale Hotel)
Breakfast  55(inclusive)
Lunch2-55-15> 15
Dinner2-55-15> 20
20 - 25
(Bus & Taxi)
 > 30
(rental car & Taxis)
 Drinks & Snacks5 bis 1010 - 20> 20
 (entries, tips,   Activities, etc.)
5 - 1010 - 40> 40
daily expenses / person


Breakdown of the Prices (2021 / US-Dollar)

  • Supermarkets & Stores:
ProductPrice (USD)
mineral water 1,5 L0,70 - 2.00
mineral water 0,5L0.50 - 1,00
Cuban Coke (can)0.50 - 1,00
8 rolls1.00 - 1,50
Cracker & Biscuits2.00 - 3.00
Coffee12.00 / Kg
Ice Cream (imported)from 1.00
Coca-Cola (can)1.00


  • Eat & Drink:
Snack Bars
Meal with meat & rice 1 - 4
Pasta & Pizza 1 - 2
Drink (can) 1
Coffee 0.50
Meal with meat & rice 5 - 15
Drinks 2
Cocktail 3
Coffee 1 - 2
Bars & Nightclubs
Cover 2 -  10
Beer 1 - 3
Cocktail 2 - 3


  • Transport:
Rental Car
from 60 / Tag
Taxi ride5 to 10 / 10 min
local journey Taxi1 to 5
City bus
Classic car guided tour30 - 40 / h
Domestic flightfrom 100
Long-distance bus5 to 10 / 100 km
Train10 / 100 km


  • More:
Internet1 / hour
Cuban Shampoo2
Brands Shampoo4.5
Flip-Flops 10
Swimming trunks15
Casa Particularfrom 10 / sleep over
Sun blockerfrom 15


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