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Updated: Dec 19, 2022


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Gas Stations & Rest Stops

Cuba has a fairly well-developed network of gas station and rest stops. In this article we'll take a closer look at gas stations, and later we will discuss what you have to expect on Cuban rest stops while cruising on the highway.

  • Regular gasoline costs 25 Cuban Pesos per liter, but most of the rental cars require ``Gasolina Especial`` which costs 30 Cuban Pesos. All Cuban gas stations are open 24/7 and gas is generally in stock, but it may happen that some stations run dry.
  • Most gas stations come with a small shop, that typically offers not much more as a few soft drinks, crackers, alcohol and cigarettes. In regular stations you will hardly find a restroom.
  • There are two types of freeway rest areas, those that are used more by Cubans and those that are mainly visited by tourist groups, where the restrooms and the offer in the stores are better.

Gas Stations: fill up your car

There are “Oro Negro” and “Cupet” branches, both of them are run by a state-owned retailed chain.  Let's begin with the positive: All Cuban gas stations are open 24/7. Gas is general in stock. But to be on the safe side, it is always advisable to refuel your vehicle early, especially in remote areas.

Gas station at the highway Cuba

Gas station at the highway (Km173 - La Aguada)

Regular gasoline costs 1 USD per liter, but most of the rental cars require ``Gasolina Especial`` which costs 1.20 USD. Sometimes the gas station attendants will help holidaymakers with refueling.

Most gas stations have small sale points where you can often get some stuff for your journey, such as water, cola, sandwiches, coffee. The state unit prices apply also at gas stations. Sometimes you won’t find toilets at these places, and if you do, they probably will be in a very poor condition.

Freeway rest area

There are a few rest stops along the way, but they are not as well supplied as the gas stations, but at least they have toilets. These toilets cost one Cuban peso, so 5-dollar cents should be enough. On the other hand, you should always carry with you your own toilet paper, just in case. These facilities tend to be in a very poor condition, and sometimes one would prefer to do it in the bushes.

Resting place for tourism Cuba (2018)

Resting place for tourism: Parador Rancho Alto

In longer distances, it is better to take breaks at rest stops set for tourists, located along the highway and country roads, used by tourist buses. They are better kept, and besides the clean toilets, there is a much more extensive range of goods.

At the rest stops, you can find coffee for 1 USD, sandwiches for 2 USD or maybe a good hot meal. On longer journeys, we advise you to carry with enough food, especially drinks.


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