Top Sights in Varadero

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Since Varadero is only a small place that only gained importance through tourism, there are no spectacular sights. However, you do not have to get bored, because some places are worth visiting.

The majority of the sights are located along the main street called Primera Avenida and are located in Varadero Downtown.

Sights in Varadero

  • Delfinario Varadero

Delfinario Varadero

Twice a day at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., a varied show is presented in the delphinium. Each show lasts about an hour. Snacks can be purchased at a small bar. It seems that the trainers lovingly take care of the animals and the delphinium itself is well maintained. The regular entrance is 15 USD per person. While older children costs 5 USD, small children enter for free. Petting and photos with the dolphins is possible, and costs another 10 USD. Those who want to swim with the animals pay 90 USD. Swimming means, that a small group of visitors goes into the water, where they stay with the animals about half an hour. The delphinium is located in the hotel zone, in the street Camino de Las Antillas.

  • Josone Park
Park Josone Vardero Cuba

Park Josone

Josone Park is a spacious park in the center of the peninsula, that is perfect for a walk. On a small lake you can go on a pedal boat for a fee of 5 USD. There are fish and turtles to watch. In the park there are also various opportunities to eat or drink something. Some weekends there are music concerts at the back side of the park.

  • Varahicacos Nature Reserve

The small Varahicacos Nature Reserve allows for a short hike in the beautiful nature. A highlight is the cave of Ambrosius. Inside the cave, human remains of indigenous people were found. The age of the remains is estimated at 2,500 years. There are also ancient pictographs to visit. In addition, bats live in the cave. The reserve is located in the eastern part of the peninsula, not far from the large hotel complexes. Since 1974 the reserve has been a protected area. To get to the nature reserve, you walk or take a cab. The entrance fee is 5 USD per person.

  • La Casa del Al

The former summer house of the infamous Al Capone today houses a beautifully located restaurant. It offers a great flair in a nice ambience directly at the waterfront. From the terrace you can enjoy the amazing view of the ocean. You can also observe pelicans, that live on the beach. Since it is a state restaurant, it can happen that the prices fluctuate. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is always better to ask for prices, before ordering.

  • La Casa del Ron
Casa del Ron Varadero Cuba

Casa del Ron Varadero Cuba

The Casa del Ron offers a wide range of Cuba's most popular rums. These can also be tasted. Prices are identical to the rest of the country and are inexpensive by international standards. However, good varieties are hardly cheaper than in other countries. Cuban coffee and honey can also be purchased. In the vestibule, there is a model of an old rum factory to see.

  • Mansión Xanadú


  • La Casa del Habano
La Casa del Habano

La Casa del Habano

At the Casa del Habano is all about the famous Cuban cigars. The employees give explanations about the types and brands that are produced on the island. On the upper floor is a bar with a terrace. Overall, it is worth a short visit, with the possibility to purchase a souvenir. The prices are quite high, but should be identical, as in all other stat-run shops in Cuba.


Culture & Nature

  • Artecru Studio

In the Artecru Studio you can watch the artists at work. Often colorful paintings and prints can be purchased directly. Not only art lovers are recommended to at least take a look at the studio. The artists are welcoming and not pushy. Anyone who does not wish to purchase anything will simply move on. The studio can be easily be found on 48th Street.

  • Taller de Cerámica Artística

In the Taller de Cerámica Artística you can watch artists at work. In a small store you can also purchase their work as a souvenir. The handmade products are not mass-produced tourist goods and the prices are therefore quite high. But it doesn't hurt to take at least a look at the studio, but overall it is more something for lovers of ceramics. The workshop can be found at 59th Street.

  • Museo Municipal
Museo Municipal Varadero

Museo Municipal

In a beautiful wooden colonial building surrounded by a tropical garden, that hosts a small museum. The building, the so-called Villa Abreu, dates back to 1921. The opening hours of the museum are 10 am - 7 pm. The entrance fee is 1 USD. Where: Calle 57 and Playa. The museum is closed after storm damage and can only be viewed from outside!

  • Iglesia Santa Elvira

The modest historical church lies not far from the Parque Central. It is the only church in Vardero. Address is Primea and 47th Street.

  • Cactus Gigante

The Cactus Gigante is located in the middle of the eastern hotel zone of Varadero. For 2 USD entrance fee you can visit the tree-like plant. The cactus is not a spectacular sight, but it offers a bit of variety for vacationers who want to see something other than the hotel or the beach without having to walk long distances.


More Sights

  • Adventure Park Varadero

Somewhat hidden behind Parque Josone is a small adventure park located. There are various small stores, a possibility to try baseball, bumper cars or roller coasters. The place is a popular meeting place especially for Cuban children and teenagers.

  • Mesón del Quijote

On the site there is an old defense and observation tower to visit. The restaurant Mesón del Quijotees serves fresh seafood, such as the famous Cuban lobsters.

  • Parque Central & Parque de Las 8000 Taquillas

The Parque Central is a small, unspectacular park, from which you can observe the hustle and bustle on the main street. Opposite the Parque Central - in the Parque de Las 8000 Taquillas - there are various stores with the typical offerings for Cuba. You can also find ATMs there.

  • Marina Gaviota

At the eastern end of the peninsula lies the Marina Gaviota. At the marina there are supermarkets, cafés, restaurants and some other stores. Visitors also find a bar with a bowling alley and billiard tables. If you want to become active, you have the possibility to charter a yacht or go on a diving trip.



  • Cueva de Saturno

About 20 km outside of Varadero - not far from the airport - lies the Cueva de Saturno. In the large and impressive cave, located deep below the surface, you can take a refreshing bath in a natural pool filled with cool and crystal clear water. Those who come on their own should try to arrive quite early in the morning. Later, buses bring vacationers from the hotel resorts. The entrance fee is 5 USD.

  • Playa Coral

About 20 km west of the Hicacos peninsula is the Playa Coral located. The quite compact beach is a diving and snorkeling hotspot. If you don't have your own equipment, you can get snorkeling equipment for a few bucks at the small dive center.


There are many other options for exciting excursions in Varadero.


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