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Updated: Apr 18, 2022

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Prepare your stay in Cuba

Once you take the decision to go on vacation in Cuba and you book the flight, the travel preparations should begin a few weeks before the planned departure. The uniqueness of the socialist system makes the country fascinating and therefore always worth visiting. On the other hand, this uniqueness sometimes also leads to significant problems. Therefore, comprehensive travel planning is even more important to Cuba than to most other exotic vacation destinations. To help you prepare for the trip, the following articles answer the most important questions.

What documents are required to enter Cuba?

entry requirements visa cuba

If you want to enter the country, you must have a valid passport, health insurance and a visa in the form of a tourist card. Learn the best way to get the tourist card and all you have to consider when arriving at the airport in the article Entry to Cuba.


What you need to know about money and currency before traveling?

Money in Cuba Exchange All the information about the Cuban currency used as well as how to withdraw and exchange foreign currency is covered in the article Money & Currency.


What are the health risks in Cuba? Which precautions should you take?

travel health risks Cuba

From a health perspective, Cuba is a safe country to travel to. In comparison to other Caribbean countries, medical care is relatively good. However, there are some health risks that can be reduced with a correct behavior. The article Health & Precautions explains in detail what health risks there are and what vacationers should consider in order to return home healthy.


Which sockets are common in Cuba? Find out if you need an adapter...

Energy in Cuba Plug adapter blackoutsFind all the important information about sockets, electronic devices working in Cuba, the voltage and the regular power outages, in the article Electricity and sockets.


Packaging List: What must be in the suitcase?

Packing list Cuba travelDue to the often complicated supply situation, it is essential to bring all important clothes, hygiene articles and other items with you when traveling to Cuba. So that you don't forget anything important, there is a checklist for all essential items in the packing list article.


What are suitable gifts for Cubans?

Gifts and donations for CubaCuba is a poor country, but almost anyone can help and that even without spending money. If you want to support the country and its people, you can find good ideas for useful host gifts and donations in the article on Gifts & Donations.


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