Plan your trip to Cuba

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

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Plan Your Trip To Cuba

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

If you want to explore distant countries on your own, you should plan your trip properly. This is especially the case in the socialist Cuba. Due to its uniqueness, it is even more important to know the special characteristics of the country before starting a trip. When the adventure is about to begin, some questions typically arise. Look no further! Here we bring you all the information on the most important topics to support the planning. Read on to fin out about some main questions:


When is the best time to travel to Cuba?

Rain Season CubaIs it better to travel to Cuba in summer or winter? When is the best travel time for each kind of vacation? Check the article climate and the best travel time to find out! It also includes the rain and cyclone seasons.


How is the security situation in Cuba?

Safety & Crime in CubaOften the potential visitors are concerned about safety. As is well known, Cuba is a safe country to travel to. You can find what risks there are despite the good security situation, in the article Security & Crime.


How to use the Internet in Cuba?

Staying connected is also an important topic to many travelers. Learn all you need to know about using the Internet and making phone calls from Cuba in this article.


Eating & drinking in Cuba. What to expect?

Cuban Snack Bar(2020)All travelers who leave the all-inclusive-resorts will primarily get their food in restaurants and snack bars. What offers and prices can you expect? Get all the information in the article Eating and drinking.


Supply situation in Cuba

When it comes to round trips, vacationers cannot avoid shopping at least partially in supermarkets and farmers' markets. If you want to know how the offers, prices and supply situation are in Cuba, check the article about shopping.


How are Cuban airports? Is there a duty free?

Most of the Cuban airports are operated by foreign companies. Nevertheless, they are simple and communist in character. All important information about airports, departure and duty-free can be found in the article about the airports. Read more


What are the main Cuban events and holidays?

Charangas de Bejucal Events in CubaIf you come to Cuba at the right time, with a little luck you can take part in a public holiday. When and where are the events held? Find it in the article about the festivities and public holidays. Read more


Travelling with children? What you should consider.

Hardly any other country in Latin America is better to travel to with children than Cuba. However, the complicated supply situation, especially when traveling with small kids, requires extensive planning and preparation. The article Cuba with children provides information about what parents should consider.


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