Eat & Drink in Varadero

Updated: May 29, 2021

Western Cuba

Best restaurants in Varadero

If you want to eat outside the hotel facilities in Vardaero, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. Most of the places have adapted to the needs of tourists. Therefore, quite untypical food, according to Cuban standards, is also offered. This includes vegetarian or sometimes even vegan dishes.

Due to the many international visitors, the prices of most restaurants are quite high for Cuban gastronomy. If you like to eat well, you can roughly calculate with simple to medium Western prices.

While most of the eateries are located on the main avenue (Primera Avenidad), there are a few other restaurants worth mentioning, that are located a bit away from the main street.


  • Not far away from the Parque Josone is the Los tres Cerditos located. The snack bar is one of the few places in Varadero where you can have typical Cuban dishes at regular Cuban prices. The menu includes mainly dishes with meat and fish.


  • The privately run La Vaca Rosada offers open-air dining on a green rooftop terrace. In addition to delicious cocktails, there are charcoal-grilled meat and fish dishes served. The service is very welcoming.
  • At the west end of Varadero is the Kiki's Club located. The Kiki's is a nice small restaurant. From the terrace one has a nice view of the bay and the canal that separates Varadero from the other side of the bay. Among other things, decent pasta and good pizza are served. The prices are quite moderate.


  • In the Marina Gaviota you will find the Kike-Kcho Restaurant. The specialty of the state restaurant are fresh lobsters, which are held in nets under the water, then they are prepared as fresh as possible. The restaurant offers a sophisticated atmosphere in a beautiful location right by the water. The prices are quite high.

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