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Updated: Dec 19, 2022


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Parking in Cuba: Keep your vehicle safe!

Since there are hardly any cars in Cuba, finding a place to park is generally quite easy. Leaving your car parked during the day is pretty safe, but of course, you shouldn’t leave any of your valuables in unattended vehicles.

At some restaurants, nightclubs, beaches and some very frequented places, there are parking attendants hired by the state. The fee is flat of 1 USD. Sometimes, foreigners are expected to tip an additional dollar for the service.

Well organized: Park attendant notes license plate (Cienfuegos 2020)

For safety reasons you should only park in locked, or at least guarded places when it’s dark. That is because in case of damage, the deposit and the deductible are at risk. You should also be careful with garages of state-owned hotels; it has happened that cars wheels have been stolen during the night. Nevertheless, most of the best hotels have safe parking spots.
In contrast, private accommodation in the cities may not have their own safe parking place.

However, the hosts will do everything they can to arrange a guarded parking lot near the house. In some cases, a neighbor will watch your car at night. This may seem weird, and it doesn’t necessarily mean it will avoid trouble, but it is better to make use of this service, especially in larger cities. This service a lo Cubano, usually costs around 2 and 5 USD per night.




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